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Welcome To Avita Carpet Inc.

Carpet Installation and Repair in Westland and Canton, MI

Avita Carpet Inc is your trusted carpet repair and installation contractors in Westland and Canton, MI. Our installers also offer professional services for hardwood flooring installations and repairs. If you would like to get expert advice and consultation for all your carpet and hardwood repair and installation needs, please don’t hesitate to call our expert installers and we’ll have your repairs and installations done in no time!

Family-owned Carpet and Hardwood Flooring Company Serving Westland and Canton, MI

Avita Carpet Inc. is a family owned and operated company that’s been providing excellent and professional carpet and hardwood installation and repairs since 1999. Our years of service as installers and repair people have helped us gain the knowledge and craftsmanship necessary to always give quality carpet repair and hardwood installation services to all our clients in Canton and Westland, MI.

As experienced installers, we have successfully completed repairs and installations of carpets and hardwood flooring for both residential and commercial projects in Westland and Canton, MI. Our installers take care of everything related to your carpet and hardwood flooring requirements such as materials, tools, and installation supplies. We also have a wide-range of carpets, linoleum, tiles, and hardwood flooring options to choose from. Whether you have a particular design in mind or want us to help you choose the best look for your new carpet or hardwood flooring, our installers in Westland and Canton, MI will always be there to make your project a success.

CALL US TODAY to get our FREE home consultation. Our carpet and hardwood flooring installers can visit you and give you an instant assessment of your home or business establishment’s carpet repair or hardwood installation needs. We cover residential and commercial areas in Westland and Canton, MI.

The Right People for the Job: Expertise and Equipment for Carpet and Hardwood Flooring repair and installation

Here at Avita Carpet Inc., we have combined our skills and the right equipment/tools to make sure we efficiently deliver our carpet repair and hardwood flooring services every time. Our installers all have years of hands-on experience doing hardwood flooring repairs, carpet repairs, and installations and will always aim to give you the highest quality craftsmanship in every job.

Aside from our reliable installers in Westland and Canton, MI, we also have the latest tools and equipment necessary to do an excellent carpet repair/installation and hardwood installation for all types of homes and properties in Westland and Canton, MI. Unlike other installers who just offer you a flooring package, our installers will actually take the time to consult you and ask what specific requirements you might have regarding the final look of your home or office carpet or hardwood floor. From there, we can figure out what materials and equipment to bring on site that will make it easier for us to deliver your expectations.